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Access Control Systems

Our Access Control Systems give you complete physical control over high security and restricted areas. Puma can help you design a system that limits who enters these areas and when and where access is granted.

Your security and facility managers will find our Access Control systems an efficient, practical way to reduce the cost and liability of employing security personnel. Our card access systems require the card be passed through a reader, Proximity Cards need only be placed in the vicinity of the reader. For convenience, these cards can be customised to double as photo identification badges.

Our digital touch-pad entry options grant access only to those entering an assigned code on a touch pad. This limits access to those you give an individual code number. Without the correct code, entry is denied. Offering you a choice of protection from one door to multiple site applications, Puma Access Control Systems are second to none, Puma Security’s sophisticated access control systems include:

  • Swipe Cards, proximity tokens, fingerprints, hand geometry or voice recognition.
  • Easy control of monitoring through a desk top PC.
  • Centralised control of multi-site management systems.
  • Full range of on screen reports available for advanced management tasks.
  • Interface of access control to a complete security network.

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