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The benefits from an installed Closed Circuit TV (CCTV) system are numerous. It can help in prevention of employee theft, shoplifting, vandalism, armed robbery and any other losses that occur due to lack of supervision. One of the greatest benefits is that CCTV does not sleep, it is never ill, it does not take holidays, and it never talks back.

Not only does CCTV benefit in enhancing overall security, but also other areas of applications that require constant monitoring. Applications such as marketing studies, scientific studies, and disaster prevention can benefit from CCTV systems.

The ever-watchful eye of a Puma Closed circuit Television (CCTV) system is your reliable, round the clock security, indoors and out. Every Puma System is custom designed, whether it is a single camera or an integrated active surveillance system, and it can be developed to accommodate further changes.

We select the best, most cost effective products, many built to our own specification, including:

  • The latest generation of compact, colour or monochrome camera's.
  • Monitors to match your specific requirements.
  • Programmable time-lapse video recorders.
  • Multiplex and Switching Equipment.

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